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Playfair  A scrub is used to exfoliate the dead skin cell on the top of your epidermis.

Exfoliation occurs naturally on our skin , enzymes are produces by own skin that lives in top lowers of epidermis and they function is to dissolve the glue that keeps dead, old skin cells and sheds them away to make space for new fresh skin cells; this is how we get a " new skin" every 24-35 days

As we age or because of other factors like too much sebum production, the process of own skin exfoliation takes longer than it shall be ,and we end up with lots of dead skin stuck on the surface of our epidermis.
The result is dry , rough skin with blocked pores and blemishes;
If you ever wonder how it is possible to have dry skin and spots , this shall explain it.

At this point ,this is the time to call in the exfoliators!
There are twis dry , rough skin with blocked pores and blemishes;If you ever wonder how it is possible to have dry skin and spots , this shall explain it.o types of exfoliators: Physical and Enzymatic.
The physical one will remove the dead skin by friction from its granules, and enzymatic one will mimic the natural process by its enzymes dissolving the skin cells from the of epidermis.

Our formula comprises both of them , it will clean and exfoliate deep in epidermis leaving skin clean, brighter , healthier with considerably less wrinkles or blemishes.
An enzymatic exfoliation will occur due to Glycolic Acid found in honey and because honey crystallises in time ,it develops micro sugar granules that are perfect scrub granules as they will melt on the skin and won’t cause any irritation and very easy to remove from the surface of skin and it won’t go down the drain to harm the environment.

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