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This product is a water - based serum and you might ask why you need a serum along with an oil serum or moisturizer anyway?
A moisturiser is used to hydrate the epidermis, but it won’t reach deeper into all layers of epidermis where all action happens and there is where all nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants are needed.
A serum has much smaller molecules and it penetrates the epidermis much better on all its levels carrying nutrients for feeding the skin and keeping it youthful.
Why do we get wrinkles? because we lose collagen in our skin as we age.
To reverse wrinkles and fine lines we need to replenish that lost collagen in our skin.
Collagen applied topically unfortunately it is not the answer because their molecules are too big to penetrate the epidermis, but we have the solution:
Encourage the skin to produce more own collagen.
What is collagen by the way? It is the major skin protein responsible for its elasticity and it is composed of amino acids.
Amino acids are the smallest molecules and can very easily penetrate the epidermis to make their way to collagen chains in the skin to repair it and rebuild it
How do we get amino acids?
Bee pollen has at least 22 amino acids in perfect condition to be assimilated by our skin
Other way to prevent collagen loss in our skin is to preserve it, prevent the toxic process that breaks down collagen.
This process is known as oxidative stress and it is a reaction of free radicals.
To make this story short, free radicals are some upset molecules because they lost an electron and they are triggered by sun exposure, smoking, junk food, etc and we need to give them Antioxidants to make them happy again and stop them messing with our collagen.

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