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 This serum does work miracles on your skin, but it is not a magic potion - it is all down to Science!
The scientists discovered the secret of lasting youth and beauty : It is a peptide called Royalactin!
This peptide is exclusively found in fresh Royal Jelly, the nutrient that is fed the Queen Bee and it prolongs the life of Queen Bee 40 times longer than an average bee.
Royalactin along with other incredible potent compound - a fatty acid known as 10-HDA have impressive capacity to renew skin cells and create collagen in dermis responsible for keeping skin young ; No wonder Royal Jelly is known as " Fountain of Youth " !
Honey for Beauty oil serum performs a very important function in your skin care, it maintains a healthy skin barrier which serves in the vital function of keeping water in the skin.
Ever wondered how the water is kept in our skin and body?
The water is kept in sugar molecules called Hyaluronic Acid, imagine a jelly bubble filled with water that circulates inside our skin.
These molecules are kept together by a glue formed of lipid molecules called Ceramides.
You might heard of these terms, but those are synthetically produced in the lab that tries to mimic the natural ones.
There is no evidence that synthetic Hyaluronic Acid works as its molecule is way too large to penetrate the skin, hence the best way to get more water in our skin is to encourage our dermis to produce organically more of our own Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides molecules in our skin.
How can we do that?
Honey contains Glucose and Gluconic Acid that are sugar molecules and if applied topically it will easily penetrate the skin and are converted into Hyaluronic Acid water molecules.

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