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All Natural Hybrid Facial Daily Polish and Mask with Raw Honey,Bee Pollen and Propolis

Instant Beautifying and blemish eraser Blue Clay & Honey treatment mask 

Hybrid Daily Gentle Exfoliator and Face Mask with Honey and Lavander 

Soothing,Hydrating Honey Body Scrub and Anti-Cellulite Massage Treatment 

All Natural soothing and hydrating in-bath skin treatment with Raw Honey

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Hybrid Natural Peptides Firming Serum and Super hydrating Moisturiser with Bee Pollen

Youth Activating Ampoule with Royal Jelly and Raw Honey

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Super Active Silky Moisturiser with Raw Honey and Royal Jelly 

Hybrid Post-shave and moisturiser with honey

All Natural Beard oil with propolis

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