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Blue Clay has persistent " pull up" properties to detox your skin , by attracting positively charged electrons found in toxins and also it controls the sebum production and cleans deep your pores.
Honey has an enzymatic composition of hydroxy acids ( AHA\ BHA) that combined with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties will heal naturally any type of acne , mild or severe.
Honey has the consistency of a plasma that it is extremely easy to penetrate the skin to bring other enzymatic protein called Glucose Oxidase that will produce in contact with the skin fluids , natural Hydrogen Peroxide - the antimicrobial produced by own skin to fight anaerobic acne.

 Blue clay it will not dry the skin ,in fact along with honey that is an natural humectant, and it will hydrate and boost your skin for a dewy, bright and glowing complexion.
Honey and blue clay both have the capacity to stimulate blood circulation and enhance the metabolism of the skin cells for a fast regenerative process of skin.
Also to its skin renewal , it will contribute the antioxidants , fatty acids and amino acids that will help restore collagen in skin for a young and beautiful skin, free of wrinkles.

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