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  Our Story 

Honey for Beauty is a British brand founded by Monica Nechifor in Hampstead (London UK);
She is qualified facialist and holds a Certificate in e-Dermatology ; her path career was determined by her struggle as a teenager with acne and sensitive skin, therefore she understands the negative impact of skin problems on one's self esteem and confidence.
After she discovered the benefits of honey, bee pollen and Propolis on skin, her skin was dramatically improved immediately. She created her own formulations and offered to her family and friends and everyone was amazed what did it for them, and this is how Honey for Beauty was created - she turned her struggle into an opportunity to help many other people!
If you would like to talk about any skin concerns, please contact her here for a free consultation.

 Monica was keen to study the skin in both medical and holistic fields because before looking for a solution for the skin, you need to know how skin works. She advanced her expertise and experience by offering facial treatments in Hampstead and Harley Street: her clients walked out of the treatment room claiming they looked 10 years younger! The secret of it is her Royal Jelly treatment, unique beauty treatment offered in this country.Honey for Beauty customers vary in age and skin type, we help people to look more youthful and diminish their wrinkles and lines, we also help people erase their acne, especially teenagers, all round pampering and beautifying including men, but not the last, dry skin and eczema especially for kids.Monica whilst completing her studies, she worked as a nanny and the kids she was looking after suffered with eczema, she realised that this is a common and painful situation for kids and parents these days.She created a special formula for children to cure their problem that works and it is convenient for kids and parents alike. Click here to read more.

Working with a variety of clients and studying the skin, Monica did understand that everyone's skin is unique, it needs a personal and detailed approach, and one 's skin changes by age, environment and lifestyle, therefore she created formulations and designed the packaging to suit every category of age (kids, teens, adults) and all skin types.

Don't Take  Just Our Word For It. 
Hear What Our Customers Say

" It  smelt so good, i could taste it and even got carried away at one point! And after rinsing my face , my skin was left feeling extra clean and extra silky soft.

The moisture levels were so perfect that i did"t even need to apply face cream afterwards. 

Days later I am still stroking my face and thinking " Damn my face feels good!"


Annaliese Dayes  ;Top model and Celebrity Presenter ,BBC Radio host  and successful entrepreneur!

"The star product of the range , 3 in 1 honey cleanser,scrub, mask,was just divine!

I applied the mask to dry skin, massaging in small circular movements to activate the scrub.i left the mask jor 5 minutes to allow the goodnes to melt in, then rinsed off with warm water.This product smells amazing!

After I applied the Royal jelly Serum,  I finished my honey treatment with a moisturiser cointaining Honey, Royal Jelly, Champagne. Luxurious? You bet!

The formula absorbet instantly into my skin and left no greasy residue.

After using all products ,I retired to bed to get some beauty sleep, letting the power of honey to get to work.

Upon waking , my skin had made dramatic overnight improvement. I was actually quite amazed. My skin was soft and plump, my dry patches had smoothed over and my breakouts were much less severe , almost disappearing."


 Alexandra Jansons-  founder and editor of Pretty Little Passport, former Product Manager at    L`OREAL   and Comunication Analyst at  M&S

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