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# What is this product and what does it for you?
A light and silky texture, but intensive hydrating cream that boosts your skin's capacity to attract and retain water into your skin for a smooth and bright looking skin; the healthy way to keep it properly hydrated for long term, not just a few hours fix.
Its secret? Raw honey and Royal Jelly are natural hydration activators that boost your own skin's hyaluronic acid production, attract moisture, and retain it into your skin, to make you feel instantly radiant and glowing.
Scent :  Jasmine essential oil- Sweet, floral, warm and exotic

The sweet smell of jasmine is very relaxing and comforting .We only use essential oils to enhance the aroma and scent of our products.

Looking for a present for a lovely person ? We got you covered, it’s all done for you ! Our products are beautifully designed and gift wrapped , no need to spend time and money on gift wraps

!#Clinical proven results:98% women agreed their skin looks hydrated , plump and glowing.100% women noticed an improvement in their skin just after first use of the product
*Self- assessment by questionnaires on 49 women over 14 days.Not recommended to be used during pregnancy or to people alergic to honey or bee products .
-100 ml amber botlle with airless pump-

Super Active Silky Moisturiser with Raw Honey and Royal Jelly

  • √ Enhances the skin's own hydration power
    √ Long term skin hydration for lasting results.
    √ Your skin is smooth , plump and supple
    √ Light texture and silky feeling without clogging the pores.
    √ 100% natural, just the real thing, not those nasty bits in it.

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