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#What is this product and how does it work?
This skincare kit comprises of Oil Cleanser and the revolutionary own brand muslin cloth with fabric makeup remover disk attached.
The Oil Cleanser is 100% natural infused with Propolis extract performing a deep but gentle cleanse on skin removing all traces of makeup , excess sebum and grime including stubborn mascara with no residue left behind.
It is ultimate aid to combat acne and problematic skin thanks to grape seed oil and Propolis extract filled with antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it will " sterilise " the skin without disturbing the natural skin barrier.
The antioxidants and vitamins Infused cleansing oil glides smoothly on your skin and while rinsing off with warm water it will transform into a milky and silky emulsion that will live skin soft and hydrated .
We invented a special muslin cloth with a disk attached to clean only make up and give you the rest of the cloth clean for taking off any eventual residue from face. In this way you won’t put back on your face the eye makeup that you just tried to take it off!

Scent : Mellisa essential oil- it has a gentle lemony aroma and it calms tension and nerves , relaxing and comforting.

We only use essential oils to enhance the aroma and scent of our products.

Looking for a present for a lovely person ? We got you covered, it’s all done for you ! Our products are beautifully designed and gift wrapped , no need to spend time and money on gift wraps!

#Clinical proven results:
98% women agreed that the product cleansed their skin properly, no residue left behind and being pleased with the hot cloth procedure.
100% women noticed that the skin feels smooth ,comfortable and hydrated just after first use of the product
*Self- assessment by questionnaires on 49 women over 14 days.

Not recommended to be used during pregnancy or to people alergic to honey or bee products .

     -100 ml amber glass bottle with airless pump -along with muslin cloth


Hot cloth and oil-to-milk cleanser with propolis and melissa oil

  • √ It deep cleans skin pores without drying or causing irritation
    √ It hydrates while cleansing because it restores the healthy oil\water balance of skin
    √ It protects and prevents skin against external factors causing acne due to harnessing own natural skin defence barrier and antibacterial properties
    √ 100% natural, just the real thing, not those nasty bits in it

 Free Delivery for  any UK order

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