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# What is this product and what does it for you?
It is very distressing to suffer of cystic acne and most of the people affected tried anything they could but still no result.
This is the ultimate solution for cystic acne ! It clears and heals your acne like magic and brings you back your confidence!
No need to wait few months for a dermatologist expensive appointment and go for extreme solutions like dangerous drugs to take care of your acne. The solution is simple and available in this jar.
Beside clearing and purity your skin it also hydrates and balances the skin oil & water production for an radiant look ( the shiny type of skin will get a matt finish and the dull, dry skin will get an instant glow)
All the nutrients will help skin restore its collagen to smooth the wrinkles, even the tone of skin to look rested and relaxed.

Scent : Grapefruit essential oil : The aroma of the oil is clean, fresh, a little bitter, and of course, citrusy. It cleanses and purifies the skin , also it helps reduce mental and physical fatigue.We only use essential oils to enhance the aroma and scent of our products.
It comes with a mini plastic spatula to help you apply it easy and evenly on your skin, also to avoid any mess or contaminating the product.

We designed an elegant support attached on the jar where you can introduce the clean spatula  to air dry and  to provide a hygienic way to store it and never loose it .
Looking for a present for a lovely person ? We got you covered, it’s all done for you ! Our products are beautifully designed and gift wrapped , no need to spend time and money on gift wraps!
#Clinical proven results:
90% people agreed their acne is considerable healed, less redness or itchiness, and the wounds start to dry out.
89% of people seen their wrinkles less noticeable and smoother.
100% people noticed their skin looks smoother and healthier just after first use of the product

*Self- assessment by questionnaires on 46 people over 14 days.

Not recommended to be used during pregnancy or to people alergic to honey or bee products .

                        -60 ml amber glass jar+ black plastic mini spatula-

Instant Beautifying and blemish eraser Blue Clay & Honey treatment mask

  • √ Heals and prevent any type of acne fast
    √Deeply purifies skin pores without drying it
    √Wrinkles and fine lines are dramatically reduced
    √Skin looks more firm, fresh and rested
    √Balances the perfect amount of oil & moisture for a radiant skin
    √ 100% natural, just the real thing, not those nasty bits in it

 Free Delivery for  any UK order

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