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# What is this product and what does it for you?
This face wash is ideal for refreshing and keep your face, beard or stubble in great condition and hydrated.
It is a non- soap formula that would not dry your beard or stubble and won’t make greasy either, just a nice and balanced result.
It has been created to clean and condition any length of beard, leaving the beard soft and fresh right up to its roots, while gently hydrating the skin underneath.
It can be used between shaves, to make sure the skin is clear from any razor bumps or blemishes, Propolis will " sterilize " the skin to keep it healthy and to prepare it for the next shave and it is very good at preventing in-growing hairs and razor burn.
We use only essential oils, in this case comforting Lavender, but we are careful to balance the amount used that won’t cause irritation or an overpowered scent.

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Not recommended to be used by people alergic to honey or bee products .


                                 -100 ml amber bottle with airless pump-

Face and beard face wash for Gents

  • √ It cleans, refresh, and condition any type or length of beard
    √ It hydrates and soothes the skin beneath the beard protecting it from any irritation, flakes, or blemishes
    √ It is also a face wash for men who shave, and it is protecting the skin from blemishes
    √ 100% natural, just the real thing, not those nasty bits in it.

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