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#What is this product and what it does for you ?
This oil serum reduces wrinkles and erases fine lines, improves dramatically collagen production in your skin resulting in resilient and glowing skin - even the most dehydrated and dull complexion is left luminous, dewy and velvety.
Best apply it in the evening to work together with your natural generative process and be amazed next morning when# What is this product and what does it for you? you will ascertain that you look 10 years younger overnight , literally !
Let see what is a serum and why you need one anyway?
A serum has smaller molecules than a moisturizer and it soaks deeper and easier into your epidermis to feed your skin with nutrients that stop the decay of cells.
There are two types of serums: water based and lipid based.
This is a lipid based serum and you need it in your regimen along with water based because it provides a way to deliver important collagen-building nutrients that are only soluble in lipids (fats)

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# Clinical proven results: 98% women agreed skin feels plumper and wrinkles appear much less visible
100% women noticed an improvement in their skin just after first use of the product

*Self- assessment by questionnaires on 90 people over 14 days.
Not recommended to be used during pregnancy or to people alergic to honey or bee products .

                   -30 ml amber glass bottle with glass pipette -

Youth Activating Ampoule with Royal Jelly and Raw Honey

  • √ it keeps your skin firm, plump and young looking
    √ intensive ,active and highly concentrated oil serum is rapidly absorbed into the skin
    √it reduces wrinkles and fine lines and brings radiance to any skin type
    √ you become 10 years younger overnight, literary!
    √ 100% natural, just the real thing, not those nasty bits in it

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