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All Natural Hybrid Facial Daily Polish and Mask with Raw Honey,Bee Pollen and Propolis
Hybrid Daily Gentle Exfoliator and Face Mask with Honey and Lavander 
Instant Beautifying and blemish eraser Blue Clay & Honey treatment mask 

£12.90 -120 ml

Hybrid Natural Peptides Firming Serum and Super hydrating Moisturiser with Bee Pollen

£12.90 -120 ml

Youth Activating Ampoule with Royal Jelly and Raw Honey

£13.90 -30 ml

£12.90 -120 ml

 Nourishing, firming and Youth booster Serum Duo with Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen

£15.90- 30 ml+10 ml

Hot Cloth and Oil-to-Milk Cleanser with Propolis and Melissa Oil

£14.90 -100 ml

Super Active Silky Moisturiser with Raw Honey and Royal Jelly 

£15.90 -100 ml (Salon Size)

Soothing,Hydrating Honey Body Scrub and Anti-Cellulite Massage Treatment 

£14.90 - 175ml

For Kids with Dry or Sensitive skin 

FREE face towel beautifully folded into a cute puppy included. It comes in 5 colors choice.

All Natural soothing and hydrating in-bath skin treatment with Raw Honey

£14.50 - 175ml

We do Gentlemen!

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Our Beliefs and Values

Why trust Honey for Beauty?

Efficacy ! How and why it works.

Efficacy in skin care is one of the most important criteria to consider - it means that the product does its job, it provides the desired result it promises.
A product will work depending on the level of permeability into the skin, and its ingredients, among other factors. Our products have a delivery system of the ingredients that efficiently penetrate the skin to make an impact and these ingredients are backed by scientific studies and reports and we tell you exactly how and why our products work.

Find the science behind our products  click here

Clinical proven results

Our advanced skin care products are made of high potency, natural and food grade ingredients to work in unison with the skin's natural biological processes satisfying any skin type, also provide intelligent solutions for problem skin, anti-aging, dry skin and eczema, sensitive or irritated skin, etc.
These expert formulations are the cleanest and purest products unmatched in the industry, loaded with high concentration of antioxidants and active ingredients like honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis, that did help numerous people to notice a genuine difference in their skin.
The science powered formulated products satisfy all skin types and provide intelligent solutions for problem skin including cystic acne, anti aging, dry skin and eczema, sensitive or irritated skin, etc.

Affordable luxury & Great Value for Money

Honey for Beauty is a business with soul having the mission to bring value into the world and help people to achieve a healthier and more beautiful skin . We believe that everyone holds the right to treat themselves to a luxurious product, therefore we offer our products at wallet-friendly prices.

We would love to offer fantastic value for your money and we pack generous amount of product for you .In this case, we all agree that more is better than less.

Save the bees to save your life

"If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live"- Albert Einstein

If the honey bee disappears we will lose much of our world food supply, therefore we support charity companies like London Pollinator Project and bring awareness to public that very small changes in their environment can make a difference to save the bees like planting flowers rich in pollen and cut the use of pesticides in own gardens. 

Resbonsible sourced in Britain

We work closely and have great relationships with British suppliers that provide us the best quality raw ingredients and materials to use it in our products.

We have chosen British bee farms to supply us because they produce the best quality raw honey and we are proud to support British local farms.

It is important for us to know that our raw ingredients are ethical made and low carbon footprint.

No animal testing

We never tested on animals , only on willing humans , and never will!

We love animals and we are pet owners : here we believe that animals are gift from Universe for us to love and look after them and they take care and love us back.

Gift wrapped

Our products  are beautifully designed and packaged as a gift  ,very convenient way to be offered  to the  dear ones or to yourself.

Are in a hurry and looking for a gift , we got you covered ! We save your wrapping paper and time to make your life easier.

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Pure Ingredients

Our  products are made of only natural ingredients in its purest form because an ingredient to work at its full potential  it has to be used in own natural and raw form; therefore we use honey , Royal Jelly or bee pollen in their natural, raw , unfiltered or unprocessed form.

We avoid processed form of honey or Royal Jelly, like extract powder  and use only the real thing because processing or filtering an ingredient ,it will strip the ingredient of its beneficial properties for skin and processing it involves sometime use of heating that destroy  live enzymes that can help so much the skin.

100 % Natural

Toxic synthetic chemicals are the greatest issues in the beauty industry and our strong believe is that chemicals linked to health problems have no place in anyone's beauty and skin care routine.
For that reason we show full transparency of our formulation and prove that all ingredients are 100% safe and natural, you could even eat them.*
Why 100% natural and not less than that?

Because a product containing harmful substances remains harmful no matter how many other beneficial natural ingredients are added.
Besides, because of our moral values, we want to offer you 100% in everything we do.

 Not least, we humans are not apart of nature, We are part of nature!

( *There is a small percentage of population allergic at natural ingredients like bee products or essential oils)  

Honest labeling

We believe that you have the right to know and understand every substance you put on your skin because your  health and well-being is most important before use any product o your skin.For that reason, every brand or manufacturer must make available all the information about their ingredients.

We are fully transparent to list all our ingredients use in every formula in plain English  and also Latin name as EU Labeling Regulation requires.

More fore we explain in simple words what exactly every ingredient means and we put together an All our ingredients Glossary that you can find it on our All Ingredients page  Click Here    

It feels good !

Skincare routine is a ritual that induce relaxation :When you apply our products on your skin, it will feel velvety and soft and it  will make you look forward  to indulge into your skin care routine.
We designed the moisturiser and serum formula to magnify the feeling good effect: light and silky texture for optimal absorption, ease of application and pleasant scent.
All our products are naturally scented with essential oils to enhance your mood by aromatherapy effect: it will soothe your skin, mind and soul

Safety and hyginic manufactoring

To ensure customers confidence and prevent tampering of the product all our jars are safely and hygienic sealed with foam liners. This process prevents leak of the product and most importantly, it prevents the product to come in contact with air to maintain longer shelf life.  Certain ingredients used in beauty products are sensitive to oxygen and will result in oxidation and hence jeopardize the product's effectiveness.

Made with love in Hampstead (London)

All our products are made with care  and passion by our self at our lab space in beautiful and leafy Hampstead , North London. Every product is complying with EU Cosmetic Products Regulation and we can provide a Cosmetic Product  Safety Assessment certificate for our formulations.

Great customer service

We are here for you anytime you need assistance  before, during and after a purchase.Please feel free to contact us whether you need advice to make your mind about purchase or any issue arise about your delivery or product.  

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Permanent Innovation
Hygienic ,hassle-free and easy application .
Never lose your spatula again!
Your little spatula is now attached to the jar into an ingenious and elegant support to keep it safe and clean.After use of the product, just give a rinse to the spatula and place it into its silk bow support for your  next  application. 
A graceful way to protect your cosmetic spatula and avoid disappointment.
This intelligent system is  unique in the world  and it is our own brand invention !
 A muslin cloth that removes your make up  and it does not put the dirt back on your face , like the regular ones.
We designed a special muslin cloth with a disk attached to clean only your make up and give you the rest of the cloth clean for taking off any eventual residue from face. Therefore, you won’t put back on your face dirt or makeup that you just took it off.
This product is our own brand innovation and we sew all of the items  our-self  in London.
Mess-Free and no dripping face mask !
  We know that sometimes an honey mask once applied on your face after a while from heating itself in contact with your skin can cause dripping. 
We found the solution; Easy apply the compressed sheet mask on top of your honey mask and we promise no dripping, and it feels comfortable too .
Sheet masks are not our invention. 
It is easy to apply it, please follow the instruction from the slide show above or read your product leaflet.
The sheet mask use is optional not obligatory!

We are here to help you, talk to us !

Free on-line skin care consultation


Tell us your skin concerns to benefit of a Complimentary 

On-line Consultation with our skincare expert ; Is acne or other problems of your skin  disturbing you? Does the appearance of your wrinkles on your skin making you anxious ?  Would you like your skin look younger , brighter and beautiful?   

We can help ,please complete the consultation form and our expert will respond back to you asap.

Click here to fill the consultation form

Monica Nechifor is a qualified facialist, holistic skincare expert and she holds an e-Dermatology Certificate .

We explain exactly 
How and Why our products work!
Discover the science behind any product !

What people  say about Honey for Beauty?

Did you experienced our products  and would like to send us a testimonial?We would love to hear it! There are different ways you could do it:

  Video reviews or written testimonials.

We appreciate very much your feedback, it is very valuable to us and we are grateful for the time you take to share it.

Ancient Beauty Secrets backed by Modern Science

We kindly asked medical and biomedical scientists to give their insight on our formulations: 

"The formulation of this product give the most amazing combination of active ingredients combined with enzymes to help your skin glow , the use of grapeseed will leave your skin flawless and moisturized since it helps remove the dirt in the skin pores. The formula used in this product will give you the best results for your skin problem and leave you with a permanent glowing skin.
As a medical practitioner I would highly recommend this product for skin care solution."

D.r Mwendwa Kioko (BSc Med, Dip Lab Sci) 

In the Press/Media


                                Honey for Beauty 

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